Engine Quits When Flight Started at Takeoff Position on Runway With Throttle at Idle

  • To avoid engine quitting the external throttle must be immediately advanced from idle position. It can then be brought back to idle without the engine quitting. This happens with both the Turbo III and IV. Presetting external throttle control to about 1/4 full position also avoids this issue.

  • the simulated spark plug fouling (long time on idle) or vapour lock (if the OAT is quite high)?

  • JF Staff

    It's correct behaviour for the engine to need to be kept above idle for a short period after start whilst it warms up.

    That throttle position should be automatically set when starting a flight on the runway but we'll double check that is working OK.

  • @Martyn Yes that is what happens if you start the engine by selecting Ready for Takeoff or Ready to Start on the tablet. The external throttle control can be at idle while the viideo clearly shows the throttle being advanced during startup and then brought back to idle. But that does not happen when you start the flight on a runway or start the engine using CNTRL_E. You must advance the external throttle control or the engine will quit shortly after starting. In either of those situations simulation of engine warmup requirements should not be necessary.

  • @sdvpilot, The startup procedure for the Turbo Arrow differs significantly from the Arrow III, as shown in the POH procedures and the ENGINE START checklist. The normal procedure requires 1/2 throttle for startup and this engine will stall if the engine is not allowed to warm up and stabilize before returning the throttle to idle. If you do a Runway start in MSFS, and immediately click on READY TO FLY, the engine will stall unless you also immediately advance the throttle, because you did not allow sufficient time for the engine to stabilize after startup. But, if you wait and let the preflight cinematic complete, it will have sufficient time for the engine to warm up and stabilize, as it would in real life. The bottom line is you can't expect to do what amounts to a cold and dark startup at the end of the runway without following the correct procedures.

  • @RetiredMan93231
    Yes I understand the startup procedure being simulated, and I do appreciate how well this has been done. However when starting a simulated flight on the runway in takeoff position the engine is supposed to be running with the throttle at idle, and it should not quit!
    It is not supposed to be a cold start, and therefore the need to simulate correct engine start procedure no longer makes any sense.

    This is clearly a simulation issue rather than a procedural issue. Be that as it may thank you for your suggestion to wait for the preflight cinematic to complete. I will certainly give that a try as another work around for an issue that should not even exist.

  • @RetiredMan93231
    The preflight cinematic never completes it just repeats, and when starting the flight on the runway at takeoff position I found that no matter how long you allow the preflight cinematic to play before selecting Ready TO Fly the engine will stall unless you advance the throttle from idle.

  • This issue appears to have been resolved in v0.1.1. However that is not mentioned in the update notes. Glad to see the speedy update in the middle of a holiday weekend.

  • The engine does not quit the first time a flight is started at takeoff position on a runway. However I just found that it does quit if the flight is restarted with the throttle at idle.

  • @sdvpilot I am now finding this problem appears to occur at random on any flight starting at takeoff position.