Resolution Bug

  • So the first time I loaded the Turbo's, both versions, the texture resolution was awful. I could not read any of the words anywhere, overall not great. My computer is just fine, so I thought maybe something got messed up in the install. Uninstalled, reinstalled, boom! both versions look great. Flew a nice flight and then took a break. Just loaded the plane up again and the bad textures are back. A couple others in the Flying Fabios community is having the same issue. Anyone else seeing that here?

  • JF Staff

    What is your texture quality set to in the MSFS settings?

    We'll shortly add some texture flags to force them to be loaded at full resolution regardless of setting.

  • Texture resolution is set to High

  • I have the same.
    Mind you, I'm not complaining about the fact that "the resolution is not as high as in the other MSFS planes". I understand that's a price to pay to have custom worn interiors.
    It's just that the panel labels themselves are almost unreadable. I did not get that with the aspirated Arrow.
    My textures are on Ultra.

  • JF Staff

    The resolution of the actual textures is the same on both variants, as you can see on the product page and promo videos, so it sounds like they are getting downscaled for some reason. Adding texture flags should prevent that - working on it now.

  • I appreciate the quick work Martyn. It is not a knock on the product, I have seen others fly it and I of course flew it the one time where everything was crisp. Like Piotre said, it is just the lettering in the cockpit, they are unreadable. We all appreciate the quick fix, thanks again!