Absolutely amazing.... you guys knocked it out of the park!

  • Just wanted to say this thing is definitely worth the upgrade! Even though it was just $13 for me with the discount... I would buy it full price. It has great new sounds, that awesome turbo engine and better performance, etc. but I really enjoy how much smoother of an experience it is. I don't get nearly as many stutters in the regular Arrow, so whatever you did, great job!

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the great feedback, enjoy!

  • The JF Arrow was already my favourite aircraft, the turbo version flies so nicely and with a little better performance my new favourite. These aircraft are without doubt the highest quality addons for MSFS.

    Also the the improvements/fixes after release and customer support are amazing!

  • (sh*t eating grin) Flying from Cusco to Lima at FL200 @171 KTAS. In an Arrow. LOL.

  • @Evillian I agree. Nothing else even comes close to the quality of JustFlight for MSFS right now. Maybe WorkingTitle, but that’s about all. This is a VFR sim right now, and I have been enjoying VFR in the Arrow so much. I have no issues with this plane.

  • I found the little arrow III while browsing the sim YT'bers channels, that real 320 pilot guy was taking the Turbo IV for a spin and I fell in love with the beige interior and the iPad, AND the copilot was also a damn feature (I never go anywhere without my copilot and use everything msfs has to offer with flying myself, handing controls over to the copilot and auto pilot features, especially with the Airbus 320 using an addon called SLC (slef loading cargo) for extra immersion)

    I watched that video of the turbo IV and immediately went to justflight website and saw they already got the arrow III and purchased it and boy...my copilot and I (yeah I know I'm a bit whoa mate, whoa mate) but absolutely fell in love with this little plane, it's scruffiness, the sound (taxiing sound is music to the ears) and all the features, it is hands down one of the best (if not THE best) aircraft addons on the market for light aircraft.

    And what about the support and just 66% off (which I didn't know about until after I got the little arrow III) guys I was prepared to spend another £30 no problem the joy this plane brings me. So yes, thank you justflight because I am your number one fan 😱

  • out of the park and into the next town!!!! If I was closer I'd definitely insist on buying pints!!!!

  • JF Staff

    Thanks to you all for the kind feedback, it's appreciated and makes all the hard work, effort and long hours worth it. @weptburrito we could find a way for you to send us beer tokens instead perhaps. 😃