Tornado GR.1

  • Hi @Derek, did your digging unearth anything useful?



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    No - looks like there is a bug but not sure when it was introduced. We are working on the F3 at the moment and will aim to get to the bottom of this as part of the F3 development. Not had very many reports of it, so may be system specific.

  • Thanks @Derek. I'll be building a new system next week and will see if it's the same or different.

  • These issues are not uncommon. It has been reported by numerous people on forums and I logged a call a long while ago regarding this but never got anywhere unfortunately. I was hoping it would be fixed at some point.

  • @Derek @Speedstar I've built a completely new system now, and I don't think these problems are system specific. Terrain Following doesn't work either in FSX:SE or P3d v4.5 on my new rig.

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    The TFR is a bit of a bodge - always was on the old RAF Tornado. I seem to remember it can over-correct. We'll definitely look into this as part of the F3 development*. It may be unfixable, but we'll see.

    *The F3 doesn't have TFR but we will still be under the bonnet on Tornado code in general.

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    Hi @Derek the most recent post was from a different poster, not me the OP, which is why it says different things about time scales etc.

    I sadly had no joy with the simconnect fix, from what I can work out TFR seems to hold a baro altitude rather than a rad altitude, which doesn't end well when the terrain changes. When TFR is holding a fixed altitude (which appears to be in relation to baro height) there is a constant trim oscillation back and forth.

    From reading through posts on the old JF forum, problems with the TFR seem to have been there for a long time (possibly since release? ) e.g.

    I've been offered a refund when heard back from support, but will stick with the product as much of it is great. However, it would be amazing to have a working TFR as featured in the advertising. Perhaps it is just a problem with my PC (should be building a new one in the next few weeks)? It would be great to know if anyone at JF can operate TFR successfully and post a video up so I can see what should be happening.

    Best wishes


    Sorry for the thread necro, but I've got the exact same problem.
    Fresh Tonka install, latest installer available from Just Flight downloads. Running P3Dv4.5 still.
    The TFR pitches up and down while steadily diving towards the ground. I've tried different combinations of modes, but the result is always that the aircraft plunges into the ground.

    As a sidenote...
    I'm aware of a freeware TFR gauge that can be installed on different aircraft; I haven't fiddled around with it on the Tornado, but I know that it works on many other aircraft, like the CS C-130 (now one of the default P3D aircraft), as well as on the Virtavia B-1B. And there are other aircraft that it does not play nicely with. Not a perfect implementation of a TFR, but workable, even if one needs to sit and watch like a hawk and be ready to disengage the AP to avoid terrain at times.

    Anyways, like many people have said in the old forum, for the Tornado GR1 the TFR is not just a nice-to-have gimmick; it really is the bread and butter for this aircraft. So would very much like to see it fixed.

  • @endl3ss I think they've never fixed it. I've owned for about 18 months and it's not worked in that time (in fsx, p3dv4 or p3dv5). It feels a bit uncomfortable that for all that time functioning terrain-functioning-radar has been listed on the product description.

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    @SteveMk1 Agreed. Looking into it.

  • @Voice-of-Reason any update on this one?