Joy throttle

  • Hi, I apologize if I ask in your Forum about this problem I have with my Thrustmaster T16000 throttle, maybe it's not the right place ... but since the problem involves the Arrow I try ...
    I am attaching 2 photos that should clarify the problem better ... the throttle in its excursion starts from 7% at Min. and reaches up to 92% at Max.
    so not from 0 to 100 .. I ask for your qualified opinion on the matter to solve ...
    Thanks David

    screenshot 1.png screenshot 2.png

  • Start by opening Windows Control Panel.
    Then, select View Devices and Printers.
    Then, right click on the Joystick Device and select Game Controller Settings.
    Select the Joystick Controller from the list and click on Properties.
    Follow the instructions to Test and Calibrate the Joystick.

    After calibrating the Joystick in Windows, start MSFS 2020 and open the Controllers screen.
    Then select Sensitivity (Sensibilita)
    On the Sensitivity page, re-calibrate the Joystick and Throttle axis again to achieve full scale movement on the throttle. Also, set a small Dead Zone at the center of your Joystick axis.

  • @RetiredMan93231
    Thanks, it's very kind of you