Random roll inputs with a Brunner Force Feedback stick?

  • I've had the Arrow for about 2 weeks now, with probably 10 hours on it. No issues at all, love the plane. Flew Sunday May 16 on v5.0 with no problems. Monday May 17 I fire it up, and suddenly my Brunner FFB stick feels all notchy and sticky. I play around in the Brunner settings, and find that turning off the FFB autopilot control fixes this and the stick feels smooth again.

    I get airborne, and find that I'm now getting random roll inputs. The aircraft is very unstable, letting the controls go for 10 seconds and you are rolling past 90 degrees. Sometimes left, sometimes right. It will overcome the autopilot. The stick itself is not getting any inputs, I can see that in the Brunner software. In exterior view, I can see the ailerons moving slightly, on their own. The pitch and yaw axiis work fine. No controls are double bound.

    I do not have this problem with any other MSFS aircraft. Every other one I tried works normally. I didn't change anything from Sunday to Monday. No updates, no hardware, nothing. Aircraft in DCS work fine. This only happens with the JF arrow. I updated from v5.0 to v5.2 with no change, still the same issue. Re-installed the aircraft, same issue.

    This one is really tough to troubleshoot, any help is appreciated.