nav/radio key bindings not working

  • I bough the plane for having an autopilot plane without map gps.

    But I can't bind my rotary buttons to NAV1/2 etc.
    In the GPS modes it wirks with the standby frequencies, but there is a bug / missing feature that the NAV/Radio stack without standby functions works with the keybindings as well.

  • JF Staff

    Can you confirm exactly which control assignments you are using? e.g. 'increase NAV 1 frequency'

  • All of them testet. For example NAV1 inc/dec minor/major and also the ones with carry over to next major. All only changing the standby frequencies invisibly in the background if the classic instruments are active.

  • @Lemny You didn't say but are you trying to set these though MSFS or are you using a 3rd party, fsuipc etc?

    What you're looking for are to bind lvars which you can't do within msfs


  • No, only directly in MSFS, but now as you mention it... I am missing some other bindings like Sim Rate to 1 in MSFS in general and should try 3rd party software. Thank you, I will give it a try. 🙂

  • @Lemny No problem. I can’t speak of the pro and cons between any of them, the 2 mentioned and Axis and Ohs is another one. I was using a free one for a bit called fs_tool. It’s very basic and you have to edit a file yourself but got the job done of bypassing the old 10 deg bug.

    As the the third party planes started to come out I knew I was going to want something more advanced and got I think it’s great. It accomplished two things I wanted (and more I don’t know about lol), Lvar access and automatic profile switching.