• Happy Birthday 3 years old and still with issues and not all mods done, and bad compatibility with P3Dv5 airport scenery folder BGLs display incorrectly, understandable made for FSX.
    Going forwards not looking good for P3D the only sim still being developed but TG poorly optimized for V5 and future updates of P3D, and the lack of feedback and updates tells me JF have more important products to work on which they have made no secret off.
    Will P3Dv5xx users still be around for the next Birthday unlikely.
    All the best for simmers who stuck with it so long, very few left from the first users judging by other forums they keep expecting JF to pull a rabbit out the hat to come back and use a product they paid for.

  • JF Staff


    Thanks for sticking with us Ray. We'd miss the regular announcements of your departure to use another product and the constant reminders that no-one is using our highest selling title to date. Roll on the next three years.

  • @Derek
    Already using another AI product ready for 5.2 when it comes out, then doing a full in-stall on a new in-stalled 1TB Samsung NVMe drive,
    but will look in through the year to see if JF update TG sometime in the future.
    I will put the cost of TG down to lesson learned I will not be paying and testing another JF product, I was a tester insider for MSFS again a product released full of bugs and issues.

  • JF Staff

    @Ray-Fry Good to hear we are in such august company.