Stall Warning Horn

  • Hei guys,

    after the latest updates, the stall warning horn does not really warn anymore. Never flown a piper irl, but I could fly nearly 90° upwards without the horn yelling. Also all landings are now without the stall horn, even when the speed drops to 40 with full flaps and full back pressure on the elevator.

    Question is, am I just unexpericenced with pipers and thats how you land them, or is this different now after the new updates?


  • I still get the horn, so maybe it's just a bug. Try (1) restarting the sim and (2) reinstalling (i.e. delete the folder and install again) the arrow 3 and see if either of those bring it back

  • @vcapra1
    The horn is still there, but it doesnt match any AOA I am used to. Do you get it with normal landings?