NDB acting strange

  • I saw the other post about ADF reset but this seems to be unrelated. The ADF keeps snapping between the actual direction and it's default of just being horizontal. The video explains it best: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1P1WSrjSg6u4LOworCpBFQUfeYK9xR5tI/view?usp=sharing (created a ticket too)

  • I have exactly the same problem on both the piper 3 and the turbo

  • Out of curiosity, is anyone NOT having this problem? I ask because other modifications have been made to the ADF since I first had this issue (e.g. smooth needle movement), which seems like an odd thing to do if it's not working anyway. So I suspect it's a small subset of users that are having this issue but I'd like to be sure

  • @vcapra1 I use the ADF fairly often, and I have not seen this problem with any of the PA-28's... unless I get too far out of range from the NDB station. It should be noted that there are several different types of NDB stations, with very different ranges.

  • I fly a lot by VOR and NDBs as well and have never seen this issue with the ADF. Maybe if you fly just on the outer edge of a rangen it could explain it? But it sounds like it is more frequently occuring.

  • @RetiredMan93231 @SuperKaro2014 yeah I see the issue no matter how close or far I am. It's very strange

  • I've FINALLY figured out the problem (@victor30 you may be interested in this).

    It's the avionics switch on my Alpha yoke. Since there's no master switch for avionics in the arrow, I usually just leave them off on the physical yoke. But they were still bound in my controls settings. So what was probably happening was once or so a second, my yoke sent the command to turn off the avionics switches, and that made the vor needle blip because it momentarily loses power.

    Simply removing the controls binding for the avionics switches will fix the problem, or even just turning them on works.

  • Great! Happy to hear you solved it... these things can be mighty frustrating and difficult to debug 😀

  • @vcapra1 If you change the Honeycomb toggle switch binding to SET AVIONICS 1, instead of AVIONIC 1 ON/OFF, it will also fix this problem. And, in other aircraft, this setting will also allow you to manipulate the ockpit Avionics switch with the mouse at the same time... Using SET commands with the Honeycomb toggle switches whenever possible is a good idea for this reason.

  • The SET commands for me cause a flicker when turning things ON, as if the switch is being turned ON OFF ON in rapid succession before being left on. That's why I had switched to the ON/OFF commands a while ago, though I'm not sure why I changed the avionics switches when I could have just unbound them on my pa28 profile