ADF reset

  • It has happened to me a few times already that i've set a ADF frequency on the ground, took off and suddenly realized the frequency was reset (last time to 890). I doubt this is supposed to happen?

  • I saw that too now that you mention it. Thought I imagined it lol

  • @ronald Are you by chance using any hardware, logitech radio panel for example?

  • @Martyn I have been able to replicate this bug. I did also make sure to remove all mods, unplugged radio panel, and disabled just to make sure.

    Essentially if the ADF is off (default 890) and you change the frequency (say 510) , that change is not being reflected on my radio panel (still shows 890, but 510 on the ADF). Then when I turn the ADF on, after some time it will change to 890. I also noticed this swap as the decimal made its way back to .5

    Another way is to turn the ADF on, tune to a frequency (1000). Turn it off. Change the frequency (500). Turn it back on. It will shortly tune back to 1000.

    On a side note, I noticed that when the ADF is tuned to an active frequency, the needle immediately snaps to position and seems unnatural. Now I did add a <Lag>240</Lag> under the needle code at that seems to have done the trick, though I'm not sure if that's the best way or speed lol edit: nope needle wont rotate past direction of ndb, it flips all the way back around lol line deleted 😉

    Ticket #52508 submitted

  • JF Staff

    Custom-coded workarounds have had to be used due to the sim not handling mechanical radio selectors very well (i.e. the ability to physically select a frequency but that frequency not to become tuned until the radio is powered). I'll see if we can refine the code to handle this use case better.