BAe 146 V1.1 Bugs and requests

  • Hi
    V1.1 is great but there are still a few bugs and requests I have.

    1. When taxiing on ground the aircraft gives an output that it would stall (only visible in acars when you fly for a virtual airline) I have never had this bug before in any other addon
    2. After watching my replay the brakes become unrealistically hot
    3. While in replay the spoilers on the wings won't deploy fully
    4. While on approach the copilot says several callouts at the same time. A delay between these callouts would be great
    5. The new GPWS radio callouts (100ft,50ft... etc.) are too quiet. I can barely hear them. Maybe you could add these in fmod as well like the other GPWS sounds (whoop whoop pull up etc.) with the same volume
    6. During replay I always hear "don't sink" in the cockpit
    7. The cupholder clips through the yoke while you extend it
    8. In the -200 variant the fanblades are still transparent when you look at them through the passenger windows


    1. Can you confirm a custom FMC is in development?
    2. Can we get a working terrain radar on the middle display, please?
    3. It would be great if you could add a more precise weather radar. There is a great weather radar called OpenWXR A demo is here:
      I think the same developer also made a good terrain radar which you could use
    4. Custom rain effects on the windshield would be lovely
    5. It would be cool if you could actually hear a chime when you press any of the cabin call buttons on the overhead

    Anyways, thanks for your great support and listening to your customers 👍

  • @Blue-Lobster The paintkit can be actually found here

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for all the feedback. We are investigating each of these points now.