Show/hide in-sim tail number

  • What field in the aircraft.cfg file (or other file) determines whether the sim paints the tail number on the plane (as opposed to the registration number being part of the livery texture itself)? I noticed the default liveries include the tail number in the texture, except for the custom one, but I can't find a difference between the entries for the default liveries and the entry for the custom one.

  • JF Staff

    Asobo haven't provided us with an efficient way of handling this as they've developed all their own aircraft to exclusively use decal registrations which can be customised, whereas we wanted the default liveries to use texture-based registrations for accuracy of font size/style/colour.

    The current method that we've used is code/logic-based - checking for the word 'custom' in the livery 'title=' field. If that is found, the decal registrations are enabled. So if you wanted to apply a custom registration to a default livery, you'd need to duplicate its aircraft.cfg entry, add 'custom' to the title field and remove the texture-based registration from the exterior textures.

    Hopefully we'll have a more streamlined method for this in future.

  • @Martyn That makes sense, thanks!