Right rolling during flight

  • I try straight level flight manually. By managing thrust I can achieve a prety stable altitude hold for various trim/speed. However, the plane is slowly rolling (and turning) to the right and finally start losing altitude.

    Weight and balance is checked, I have a copilot the same weight as the pilot. Also fuel is balanced. I also checked all control surfaces including rudder and aileron trim settings using FSUIPC/FSInterrogate. Everything is centered.

    I experience that if the left tank has cca. 5% more fuel than the right tank, the rolling is minimal.

    I am not a real life pilot, but my feeling is that the aircraft should be a bit more stable than this. Also, I think there is no aileron trim on this aircraft. I might use autopilot heading hold, but I generally fly manually.

    What is your experience? Am I doing something wrong, or is my expectation wrong?

    UPDATE: I have Saitek PRO Flight Yoke System and Saitek rudder

  • Somethings not right. If it were to the left, that would be normal.

    Check for controller conflicts. Check that the flight model in settings is set to modern.

    There is rudder trim below the throttle, check that.

    If all else fails, download the plane again and do a reinstall, making sure you delete the plane from the community folder first.