Panel Instruments & Light different External/Internal view

  • I have noticed both panel instruments & lights are different for external vs internal view, see examples below

    Different instruments displayed

    Internal view shows GTN750 + Tablet

    External view shows Radios instead and no Tablet

    Even though the internal red light is off in the first picture there´s still a dim red light on the external view, it should not be red at all, just the panel lights should be seen from external view.

    If the internal red light is on like the example below

    The external view is ok though

  • JF Staff

    The cockpit lighting and configuration (e.g. EFB) currently differ slightly between the cockpit and exterior views for the sake of performance. We'll take a look to see what can be done without impacting performance too greatly.

  • @Martyn thanks for the explanation. Much appreciated. Hope it can be improved without impacting performance.