CTD every flight in V0.5

  • I am experiencing a CTD on every flight since updating to V 0.5. This is happening without installing the PMS GTN 750 in my Community Folder using only the GNS 530 GPS. I had not experienced any CTDs prior to V 0.4 of this aircraft wherein CTDs began with and without the PMS GTN 750. I uninstalled V 0.5 and re- installed V 0.3 with no CTD on the same flight I could not complete in V 0.5. When I went back again to V 0.5 I once again could not complete that flight. What is going on!!
    I really enjoyed flying this aircraft in MSFS up until V 0.4 and now in V 0.5 it is completely unflyable for me.

  • JF Staff

    Can you confirm when the CTD is occurring? At the start of the flight, randomly during flight etc? Does the CTD occur if you are using the default GPS 100 configuration rather than GNS 530?

  • @Martyn The CTDs would occur shortly after takeoff or within about 5 minutes thereafter. I was consistently using the single GNS530 GPS with the GTN750 removed from my Community folder. This morning I recalled that still had an interior color mod for the Arrow in my Community folder that is probably no longer compatible with the V 0.5 panel. Since removing that mod from my Community folder the update to V 0.5 seems to be running well with the GTN750 installed. Only time will tell. It is becoming challenging to manage all of these sim updates, addon updates, and mods for MSFS.
    Thank you for your response.

  • The Grey Interior color mod has caused CTD's for me in the past, well before the current V5.0 Arrow III update... I recommend not using it until the author can fix this ongoing problem with it.

  • @RetiredMan93231 Now that you mentioned that I began to see a few CTDs after installing the clean blue interior. Problem is this was all happening around the update to v 0.4 and the arrival of the GTN750. I did experience one CTD today using the GTN750 but things went well after I made use of some of the GTN750 Option settings. I really like the JF Arrow and the GTN750 so I do hope to be able to continue their use without frustration.

  • I too have had 2 CTD so far with this latest update and the latest MSFS update. Im using the latest GTN750 mod. Crash one happened just after takeoff at orbx EGSG, the 2nd one happened about 20 mins or so into the flight from EGSG on long final to orbx EGMC. Could be plane, mod or MSFS related?

  • JF Staff

    So far it appears that mods built for earlier versions of the Arrow III are causing this, so please start by removing any Arrow III mods to see if that fixes it.

  • @Martyn The mod causing my problem, Just Flight PA28R Arrow III Blue Clean Interior from Archer 374, was updated to V5 today and I am no longer experiencing CTDs on every flight with it installed in my Community folder.

  • @captain744 After ditching the interior color mod which fixed the CTDs on every flight without the GTN750 installed, I did have a CTD as soon as I installed and used the GTN750 GPS. Fortunately the latest version of the GTN750 has an Options page from which you can try settings that may eliminate CTDs related to its behavior. I seem to have found some settings which so far have resulted in no further CTDs over the course of one day. I suggest you might give that a try.

  • Thanks for that, will look into it. Which settings did you change, that eliminated the CTD’s

  • @captain744 Option Menue.png Map Menu.png
    I started in Safe Mode which disables many features. After experiencing flights without a CTD in Safe Mode I then went back and enabled many features winding up with the settings shown in the attached photos. I really do not know what the Speed setting really does but it was set to slow in Safe Mode and I left it there at least for now.
    Hope that helps.

  • @sdvpilot will give it a try. Thanks for taking the time to post the photos.

  • @captain744 Since the last post the GTN750 has been updated as well as the Arrow. I now find it necessary to set the Speed to fast on the GTN750 Options or else airports start vanishing from the map. Otherwise still no CTDs after several flights.