Black is the GTN 750

  • It drives me crazy. I cannot get the GTN 750 get to work.
    On every instruction I see, the GTN simply starts working after switching on the batteries.

    It is not interference by some other mod, I emptied the community folder apart from the plane and the GTN, but still no result. A test in the C-172 works though.
    What am I missing?

  • @vegt54b From what I've seen on the GTN Discord, most of these problems go away when people re-download the latest version of the GTN packages (they're updated frequently) and unpack them (after deleting the old folders). I don't know why, sounds like voodoo to me, but if you can't think of anything better, it's worth a try.

  • Thanks for your input, Aurel. Unfortunately it does not work.
    Working fine in the cessna-172, activated the premium version and connected to Navigraph, no problem.
    But the GTN-screen is still completely black in the PA28.