Volume mix too low for NAV ID

  • When using the KX170Bs (and possibly with other radios) to listen to the Morse code ID, the NAV volume is too low. You can't hear the ID over the engine and wind noise. I thought it was broken completely until I landed and stopped on the runway after flying an ILS approach. Once the engine was idling and there was no wind noise, I could just make out the NAV ID Morse code. Volume on the NAV side of the radio was turned up to full and the audio panel had the appropriate NAV radio selected to monitor.

    I'll create a ticket

  • @BernieV , Have you tested this on any other aircraft? I just tried the C152 and C172 and I was unable to hear the NAV1 ID code on either one...

  • I bought the Piper yesterday and have flown the C172 Gauge Version most of the time before.
    On the C172 you can clearly hear the ID of the NAV aids in flight.

    In the Piper I can only them on the ground while Engine is off. NAV volume is at max.

    And I think the DME ID is bugged and not active at all or maybe mistakenly coupled to the NAV 1 audio switch. Have to check it again.

    And the wind noise from the back of the plane is really loud. Could not tone it down in the settings. Maybe it should be categorized as engine sound, so it goes down with it.

    PS: besides this minor things, this plane is taking FS2020 to the next level... impressive job JF team.

  • I have opened a ticket about the engine sounds in the cabin being too loud, especially when compared with the C172. Hopefully JF can fix this so that we can hear the NAV ID's and other cockpit sounds more easily.

  • You can tune down the engine sounds in the audio settings, but I found that wind noise is still so loud, the tuned down engine sound makes no difference. But I am sure the NAV sounds are far to quiet to be recognized in flight. I don't know if that's a real problem of the Arrow and adds to the realism 🙂 but I don't like it nonetheless.