AAR in the Vulcan...

  • Hey all,

    I was planning on a quick trip to Ascension in XM607 (I wonder why 😉 ) but obviously I'll need to top up the tanks a bit during flight... my question is, how exactly do I refuel? I've followed the manual and it's all simple enough but I tried refuelling from several different altitudes at speeds under 250k for nearly half an hour and in that time I took on no fuel... So I'm either not doing it right or I've got some form of bug. I'm running the latest version of the Vulcan on Steam, has anyone been able to refuel in flight at all?


  • @TheCameronPerson I've not been able to refuel, but am not sure if it's supposed to be able to - I can't see a way to spawn a tanker to take fuel from.


  • JF Staff

    The kit for In Flight Refuelling is modelled in the Vulcan but there is no IFR option.