Just want to say thanks!

  • This is only my second payware purchase for MSFS. The experience of this aircraft is great. The only thing better than flying around in this thing is the fact that it truly feels as though the JustFlight team is very active and invested in continuous improvement of the product.

    The JF team has been great at communicating on this forum, and has done a great job of releasing patches and improvements based on 1) their roadmap and 2) issues pointed out by users.

    The attention to detail shows, and this is the most accurate and well-polished single prop aircraft in MSFS right now by far.

    Thanks JF team, I am glad I spent the money on this, and I am looking forward to seeing this product continue to improve. -J

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We've always enjoyed engaging directly with our community and it contributes greatly to the product, so thanks to everyone for your contributions.