v0.5.0 clean windshield

  • One change is "clean windshield texture improvements". Does that means that the old dirty windshield is not available, or is there a setting somewhere?

  • The clean textures now only contain the hazy layer, no more scratches or handprints. The default textures contain the hazy layer and scratches, but no handprints.

  • Thanks, but if I understand you correctly, there are two textures: the default one and the clean one. How could I select between them?

  • In the Community folder, go to the arrow iii folder, and the Cockpit folder. In there are two folders, Clean and Default. Copy all of the contents of whichever one you want into the SimObjecs/Airplanes/JF_PA28_Arrow/TEXTURE.VC folder.

    If you just want the clean glass but default for the rest, only copy the ones that begin with GLASS_

  • @vcapra1 Well, GLASS_ files only exist within the TEXTURE folder and not in TEXTURE.VC folder. Anyhow, I can't see any changes from within the cockpit.

  • @ghrasko Ah, sorry I forgot yeah the GLASS_ ones should go in TEXTURE not TEXTURE.VC. Do you see the circular scratches all over the windshield when the default textures are used?