Tail number size

  • Does anyone know how to reduce the size of the super jumbo bill board size tail number on the custom livery?
    I tried editing the panel.cfg but that didn't work, plus I really have no idea what I am doing.


  • I looked at a few real life pics online and the letter scale seems to match...

    Piper Arrow iii.jpg

  • JF Staff

    It's possible to control the size of a custom tail number using a 'font_scale' value in the panel.cfg (1.0 being full size):

    size_mm = 2048,512
    texture = $RegistrationNumberExt
    location = exterior

    painting00=Registration/Registration.html?font_color=black&font_scale=0.2, 0, 0, 2048, 512

  • Thanks Martyn,
    Your instructions worked fantastic.

    My screenshots no longer look comical to me with those huge numbers.
    Why experimental aircraft can have 3 inch numbers but certified ones need 12 inch numbers is beyond me .

    Anyways, thanks again.......👍