FMC Airways?!?

  • Hi,

    I bought the BAe last week and have done a couple of flights.
    Currently I'm not a happy camper. The FMC on my system isn't properly working, specifically the routing/airways.
    I use the latest Navigraph cycle.

    For example when entering a flight plan from LGAV to LGKO, I entered LGAV in line1 (it was already there) and in line2 entered KEA.
    Now for line3 I should be able to press LIST/Airways. The screen shows 'Airways from KEA' -> none.
    Going back to FLTPLN mode and trying to manually enter the waypoints -> The FMC doesn't register the waypoints and it keeps popping the the 'Airways from KEA' window.
    So basically I can't enter a proper flightplan. I can however select a departure and arrival (SiD/STAR/runways etc)
    First I thought it was user error, but not anymore. There is an issue/bug with the FMC.

    Please advice,
    Egbert Drenth
    P.S. I do also have the Majestic Q400 which has a similar FMC (if not exactly the same)
    There are implementation differences but I'm pretty familiar using this kind of FMC.

  • I have managed to solve the issue myself.
    It appears that the navdata resides in the P3DV4-Folder\JustFlight\Nd folder and not in the ..\Documents\P3D V4 Addons\JustFlight 146 Pro folder.
    The Navigraph installer assumed the \Documents\P3D V4 Addons\JustFlight 146 Pro folder, because there is the aircraft installed.

    Please make a note of this in the manual, because each and every simmer who installs the aircraft in the \Documents.. folder will encounter this problem.
    The Navigraph installer had to be pointed manually to the correct folder.

    Also apparently the default database is somehow corrupt or misses airways, because I was using the default ND database and was thus missing airways from KEA VOR.
    (see my original posting)