GA-traffic: generic ATC callsigns; unrealistic routes

  • Hello to all.
    I am using TG with Prepar 3D 4.5 and I am mostly satisfied with it. What i dont' like are a lot of generic ATC callsigns for GA flights like N11111 ; N44444, C-FFFF or I-DDDD. It's very annoying when listen to ATC and hear such callsigns, especially at busy airports. Is it possible to get more variations here?
    Another thing with the GA-traffic are far unrealistic routes as South America - Italy for a Cessna Skyhawk. Is it possible to create more realistic routes?
    Thank you.

  • I fully agree: somme like romeo romeo romeo romeo romeo romeo romeo rome......romeo, irritating listening top that nonsense

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback chaps. I'll look into the callsigns. I use elements of a random number generation in conjunction with some nationality rules to generate the ATC callsigns. I believe the number generation is based on the current time so sometimes if the code is executing too quickly it can generate repeated numbers.
    There should be a maximum route distance that can be generated by GA flights, so I'll look at how such a long flight could be produced.

  • @Rich : Thank you for your answer. Looking forward to some enhancements for the GA-traffic now.

  • JF Staff


    Hi Manuc,
    We've been looking into the issue of unrealistically long GA flights being generated and we can't find any example of these. Are you able to point us to where you are seeing this?


  • @Rich: Sorry that I didn't answer your question, but I returned to this forum just today. But you solved this GA callsign problem, much better now. Thank you.