X-plane features coming to P3D?

  • will there be new features found in the x-plane version brought over to the P3D version?

    e.g. icing conditions?

  • I'm confused, aren't P3D and X-Plane variants more or less identical? What new features does X-Plane version have?

  • Have seen on screenshots that the X-Plane version will use the XP-default FMS.

  • I believe the EFB in the Xplane version also has more options/pages including integration with AviTab. It would be nice to have Navigraph charts integration for P3D.

  • JF Staff

    There will be differences guys although they are based on the same aircraft and the XP version did use the P3D version as the base to start work on.

    The XP team (Thranda Design) will have identified areas where they could excel and also add new features where possible. XP base code and P3D base code will be different enough to see the versions vary slightly. Each will have pros and cons but both will be excellent renditions so you'll not be sold short with whichever you choose to fly.

    It's unlikely at this point that we'll be revisiting the P3D version to add anything new that's made it into the XP version. Never say never but unlikely.


  • JF Staff

    It's also worth noting that some things possible in XP11 are not possible in P3D, and vice versa. Each sim has its strengths and weaknesses, but you'll ultimately have a very similar experience in both versions.

    If you can provide more details of XP11 features that you'd like to see in P3D then we can certainly take a closer look.

  • @Martyn could you give some examples on the differences? Is overall systems depth between two versions the same? I love how the cockpit of P3D version looks like, so I'm more drawn to the P3D version right now.