Altitude performance

  • Hey everyone,

    The climb performance of the Arrow doesn’t seem right to me. I’m at 9000ft AGL with 90% fuel and I’m squeezing out 200ft/min at full throttle with 2500rpm and mixture leaned for best power. IAS 75kts. That doesn’t seem right for a 200hp retractable gear single. I mean the DR400-180 I fly in real life climbs better.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • It's difficult to tell by your numbers alone (not enough data). You can check the climb performance yourself however; just see page 8 of the operating data manual JF provided with the add-on.

  • Ok. I’ll cross check the data but you don’t feel like the Arrow isn’t climbing correctly?

  • @piperdriver0624 POH says you should be getting about 50fpm at full gross weight and full power. So seems about right.

  • @piperdriver0624 Best climb is at 90 KIAS. Book climb performance says 2700 RPM. I've been flying the latest MSFS bush mission and I've noticed much better climb at 90 knots. I usually climb at 2500 rpm full throttle 100F rich of peak and I've made it to 13K (so far, but had to return to the staring point of the mission due to icing). In real life, I had a 180 hp Arrow (pretty heavy with camping gear) up to 13K once, and the last 2K feet took a LONG time. I often had to level out, build up speed, and trade that extra speed for a few hundred feet and then repeat. Anyway, try climbing at 90 knots at 2500 or 2600 rpm.

  • Ok I’ll try that. Thanks for the advice guys.