Annoying Fuel Pump Noise (still)

  • The v0.4.0 changelog said: "improved fuel pump loop" but it still has that annoying high pitched intermittent whining noise on top of the "normal" sound 😞 I wish JF would use the same sound loop they used for their P3D version.

  • Do you use headphones? I don't find the pump noise annoying at all.

  • @Leonard-McCoy No, I use speakers. They are good quality studio standard speakers, so maybe I'm hearing what may not be so apparent on some other speakers.

  • @Sender46 Lol. Well, if we are flexing on our sound setups for no reason whatsoever:

    I'm using a ZenDAC Signature/Zen Can Amp, and Sennheiser DT177X GO's (pats self on back 👍 👏 👏 👏 👏 ).

    How is the sound annoying? Not only is it not annoying to me, it's completely different from the pump sounds before the last Arrow update (last week).

    Maybe provide a recording? Is it possible you have yet to update the package?

  • @jstnj LOL, I wasn't flexing and I did have a reason for saying that - I know that when I play a sound on my phone it sounds very different from playing it through speakers and Leonard McCoy's post prompted me to think maybe that had something to do with it.

    I've already explained how it's annoying - a high pitched intermittent whining noise on top of the "normal" continuous sound of the pump. I'll see if I can do a recording and also a recording from the P3D version for comparison. I'm using v0.4.0.

    EDIT: No joy with recording. The only way I have of recording it is with my phone and when I play that back through my speakers I can hardly hear the higher pitched sound at all (the higher frequencies are getting lost in the recording).

  • Support say they can't hear this (which I can't understand) and won't be changing it cos that's how they recorded it from the real aircraft. That doesn't make sense to me cos it's not the same as the P3D version.

    Am I really the only one who can hear the intermittent/slowly pulsing whine from the fuel pump from 21:16 to 22:19 in this recent review video???:

    In videos of the real aircraft the fuel pump just makes a continuous noise. Maybe the aircraft JF recorded it from had a faulty fuel pump and we need a repair option? <Half joking, half not>.

    Hoping they have recorded from a real Turbo with a good fuel pump for the Turbo version.