GTN750 and GPS100?

  • Hi,
    don't know if discussed already but is it possible to get the NAV2 set available in the GTN750 config instead of the GPS100? The latter is a bit useless with a GTN in place.

  • I agree that the GPS100 seems useless and I do hope that it will be removed in the next update. It would be great to have the GTN650 for NAV/COM2 as done in the Flight1 FSX version but I don't believe that is available from PMS50 yet. I so much enjoyed using that combo in my A2A Cessna 172 for FSX. Never the less this is a great option for MSFS, and I believe Just Flight is the first to fully integrate it into their model for the Arrow III.

  • JF Staff

    The COM2/NAV2 radio set should be available below the GTN 750 on the centre radio stack, or have I misunderstood?

    The GTN 750 controls the COM1/NAV1, audio and transponder, so the alternative to the GPS 100 would be a blanking panel.

  • @Martyn
    A blanking panel would be perfectly acceptable.

  • JF Staff


    The GPS 100 will be replaced by a blanking panel in the next update.