Cannot get the dome light to work

  • I looked around the forum but could not find a post that solved my issue. I tried my first night flight yesterday. I can turn on the instrument light using the rotary dial next to the pitot heat switch. But when I turn the overhead dial for the dome light, nothing happens, nothing is lit and the plane is unflyable in these conditons. I feel like I must be doing something basic wrong. Any idea?

  • It is working fine for me. Usually 1-2 clicks from the off position is enough light to see the panel during the night. Did you see the actual light get brighter when turning the dial?

  • Thanks. The light is already red, and no it does not get any brighter, nothing happens. Very strange...

  • I noticed the same thing a few weeks ago and opened a ticket. Reply from JF was they could not duplicate this. Have not checked since last update.


  • Just checked with new update and now works correctly.