Nose wheel steering issues

  • I have an old thrustmaster flight stick with the rudder axis sets to the twisting motion, which works adequately. It is not great with minor corrections but with time I got used to it and can deal with normal crosswind situations on TO/Landing.
    I understand this plane has Nose wheel steering coupled to the rudder pedals. I can see the wheel turning when applying rudder on take off, but bizarrely when I stop feeding rudder input, the wheel is still angled at the postion of my last greatest input. On the ground, when I taxi and make a sharp turn on the taxiway, upon releasing the rudder pressure, the plane will keep on turning. I can apply rudder the opposite way but trying to guess when the wheel is back to the centre position is comical and leads to major wild left and right corrections. Is this normal? I tried various other default plane and do not suffer from this behaviour. I suspect they do not have this NWS feature. Any advise welcome! Thanks