Toe brakes seem to engage emerg. brake every time they're used

  • Just updated both MSFS (hotfix) and Arrow v. 0.4.0a and unfortunately, I am now unable to taxi because whenever I use toe brakes, it seems to engage the emergency brake. The brake handle doesn't move, but the airplane will not move unless I engage and disengage the brake handle. If I use toe brakes again, I have to repeat this procedure. I have tried uninstalling/reinstalling the Arrow and restarting my computer, but to no avail. Grounded again 😞

  • I have not encountered this issue. You're saying that every time you toe-brake the parking brake is engaged? Have you looked closely at your bindings? There might be the error.

  • I think I had this issue way back in the past, and it was caused by a bad default rudder-profile, which triggered the parking brake when toe-brakes were engaged. Double-check your peripheral-configuration in MSFS (and outside, if you use any third-party) ?

  • I had to wipe my SSD because of issues with my OS, so I'm hopeful that will fix the problem. When I have the sim and Arrow installed again, if it's still an issue, I'll double-check controller bindings. Thanks for the suggestions!