Can the landing gear be disabled?

  • Hi all. I would like to practice lowering the landing gear using the emergency extension system.
    I see a breaker for the gear pump. Disabling the pump, I expected that I would be unable to lower the gear using the main switch on the panel. I expected that I would then have to use the emergency switch between the seats to lower the gear.

    However, I have found that pulling the breaker labeled 'pump', does not prevent the gears from operating normally. The rest of this unique landing gear system works as expected.

    Another thing I observed with my installation (V4.0):
    There is no need for priming under any circumstance. I just go full rich and engage the starter and I am good to go. I expected that with the level of emersion Just Flight seems to be reaching for, starting a fuel-injected Lycoming should require priming, at least at the first start of the day, and having to keep the mixture lean until the engine catches, then advance to rich.

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled, done repair, and tried resetting the airplane just in case I had a corrupt installation.
    Perhaps I am missing something or perhaps I am just expecting too much. (A2A spoiled me).

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  • Works fine here, actually they got it I'd say 100% on this update. The only way I can lower the gear with the breaker pulled is to put the switch between the seats down.

    The whole priming bit, nope not there yet. I'm hoping they might get that in with the flight model changes they're working on.

  • Agreed with webtburrito.

    The emergency undercarriage system seems to be working exactly as it should now with 0.4. The normal undercarriage switch does nothing with that pump circuit breaker pulled on my client.

  • Thanks for responding. Seems I need to submit a ticket for this.

  • The yellow light above the 3 green landing gear lights, is it steady or does it flash?

  • @weptburrito The light flashes when the system is in override mode....That is expected.
    The system and lights work properly.
    I am trying to disable the main gear system, by disabling the 'gear hydraulic' system using the circuit breaker panel. My gripe is; on my installation, pulling the relevant circuit breaker (labeled pump), does not stop the gear from lowering. It should, I would then have to use the emergency gear switch (Full down position of the switch/lever between the seats), in order to lower the landing gear.

  • Just trying to help you out. I understand what you're trying to do. I don't understand why it works as expected for me and I guess shadowsix there, but not you.

    The reason I asked about the yellow light, it didn't start flashing until version .4. So I was trying to verify what version you had installed.

    If you submit a ticket, the first thing they'll want you to do is download the plane again, uninstall then install. And not to do a reinstall over the existing plane.

  • @weptburrito Thank you. I have already done the steps you say I might be asked to do. In fact, it was the first thing I did the moment I suspected something might be wrong. I even went a step further in rebooting my computer between uninstalling and reinstalling.

    As I am writing this it occurred to me, there was one more thing to try; that's to remove all other addons from my community folder, and see if I may have a conflict.

    again, thanks for your thoughts, please don't hesitate to share any other that may help resolve this.

  • Just the check, you are using this breaker?

    Screenshot (283).jpg

    Any luck removing addons?

  • @weptburrito said in Can the landing gear be disabled?:

    Just the check, you are using this breaker?

    Screenshot (283).jpg

    Any luck removing addons?

    I am not able to see your screenshot. (I get an XML error), but I have pulled every breaker in the panel, just to be sure I wasn't missing something. I also removed everything in the community folder. Nothing has changed.

    I have put in a ticket, waiting to get a response.


    @weptburrito said in Can the landing gear be disabled?:

    Just the check, you are using this breaker?

    Screenshot (283).jpg

    Any luck removing addons?

  • @Romeo_Tango so the yellow light above the 3 green landing gear lights is expected to be on all the time only flashing when the system is in override mode, correct?

  • @anderson The emergency gear lever (between the seats on the trim wheel housing cover) has 3 positions. Default: up, auto gear extension is disabled (hence the blinking yellow light). 2nd position, the middle position, enables auto gear extension (and turns off yellow light). Last position is all the way down and that is the emergency extension position. It unlocks the gear and lets springs and gravity pull them down and hopefully locked. Use if if the gear fails to extend. In real life, after deploying the emergency extention, yaw the aircraft back and forth to hopefully lock the gear in place and put the gear handle down just in case power is restored as you are trying to land.

  • @weptburrito Yes This is the breaker I used. When that didn't work, I pulled them all. The gear will still extend and retract.
    Created a ticket and got acknowledged that the ticket was placed. Waiting on further advice from Just Flight.

    Thanks, everyone.