W&B calculations

  • Hey, it might be that this topic was answered also but I can't find anything in that direction.

    Can someone explain how the weight an balance calculations are done? I can't find information about
    Arm and Moment and stuff except this one "Centre of Gravity" table but I don't know what it wants me to say
    and I would expect more specific values for a front row, back row, baggage, fuel and maybe oil.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @r2p2 Here you go, in a thread titled Weight and Balance, would you believe 😉 :

  • I stumbled upon it but does that mean we can apply standard POH values or not? It is a bit too technical for me. 😕

  • As described in the thread titled "Weight and Balance", the default locations used in this aircraft for the Pilots, Passengers and Baggage weights are not accurate, and must be modified as shown if you want realistic weight and balance behavior in this aircraft model. If you want to do real world world W&B calculations for loading you must use the forms found in the POH. But, using the POH forms also requires that the aircraft Empty weight and CG arm to be specified in "inches aft of datum". But, MSFS uses %MAC for this value, not inches aft of datum.

    By my best calculations the default empty weight CG arm currently configured in this aircraft is about 90.74 inches aft of datum... So, if you use 1603 lbs. for the empty weight, and 90.74 for the empty CG Arm, you should be able to perform a realistic calculation using the POH forms. Unfortunately, the forward and aft CG limits shown in MSFS are not accurate either, and are also not expressed in inches aft of datum, so they won't match what you get from the POH calculations.

  • @RetiredMan93231 said in W&B calculations:

    are also not expressed in inches aft of datum, so they won't match what you get from the POH calc

    Thank you, I will try that.