PA-28R in the "Community" folder after the latest

  • The PA-28R does show in the "Community" folder after the latest
    However in the Content manager it is listed as 'Not Installed'
    Does anyone else have this issue?

  • Yeah, everything in my community folder shows as "not installed", but everything in there still works fine so I just ignored it

  • Looks like it's a known issue. Everything seems to work as expected. I imagine Asobo might be trying to implement a way to control community addons from the game, like you can with official content. What i am left wondering is why do these half baked features make it into the release code. During the last Q&A one of the devs (might have been Jorg) said that their development environment has something like 40 branches. Considering the complexity of FS2020, and that they're porting it to XBox, and that they're implementing DX12, i can understand why there are so many branches. But that just means you need to manage your code better.

  • @Cristi-Neagu thanks for this reply. Just had a look at the MSFS Forum it is a known issue which will be addressed by Asobo at some stage hopefully soon.