Bad Performance

  • Hi, I intalled the new version 0.4.0, when I tested the plane, it had a so bad performance with the same graphic config as I had in previous versions, the fps drops to 10 fps and in the "ms" of the graphic card graph in FS2020 shows a high value of "ms".

    I tested other planes as the CRJ that has a lot of more sistems running in the background and I can reach 30 FPS stables. So I can say that my graphic config or my PC specs are not the problem

    Has any other user the same problem as me?

    Kind regards.

  • Did you switch to another aircraft on the fly (and back again) a couple of times using Developer mode? Because that's the only way to know the aircraft is the problem. So if you get bad fps switch to the C172 without going to main menu. If the FPS is suddenly better switch back to the JF Arrow to check if it's bad again.

    Also did you use the GTN750 mod?

  • @Evillian Okey I just check it loading first the Pa28, bad fps, after that I loaded the c172 and load again the pa28, the fps come back, less than using the crj, but at least around 22/ 24...

    Im using the g530 but with the "gps gns dual" that I understand as 750 mod, correct me if im mistaken the FPS are mostly the same.

    Kind regards

  • What was the difference in fps when you switched to the C172? And when you switched back to the PA28 it was worse again?

    What were the numbers?