Bush Flying in the Arrow

  • So... I just discovered with dev mode that you can load the arrow into a bush flight and the best part is, even after leaving the bush trip and coming back, the arrow is still selected.

    Now I finally have the motivation to fly all of the bush trips! It is kinda nice to fly the arrow slow sometimes and just look around.

  • This is great news! Would it be possible to provide instructions on how to load the Arrow into a bush flight in the sim? I would like to fly them now.

  • This would make bush flights a more enjoyable experience. To be honest, i was kinda disappointed with how they're implemented. I guess FS9 spoilt me. The Hawaii vacation trip in FS9 still remains one of the best experiences i've had in a flight simulator. Not only did it tell you were you were going and what you're about to see, but it would also give you maps for the area, a few tips on how to fly the trip in a more realistic manner, and build a little story around the whole trip. Bush trips in FS2020 throw you right into the game, give you a few waypoints, and you're left to wonder exactly where you are, where you're going, how high are you supposed to fly, or how fast. But you better not spend too much time thinking, cause there's a timer.

    Sorry about the rant. I'm somewhat disappointed because bush trips could have been incredibly awesome.

  • @skjjks said in Bush Flying in the Arrow:

    Would it be possible to provide instructions on how to load the Arrow into a bush flight in the sim?

    First load into the bush flight. Then go to Settings > General > Developers and turn dev mode on save and go back out of the menu to the plane. On the top toolbar (the dev toolbar), click Windows > Aircraft Selector. In the list, find the Piper (near the bottom) and click the livery you want, and click Load.

    At this point, you're free to disable developer mode again.

    I will note that I don't think it will automatically add fuel for you, and the fuel menu is disabled in bush trips. So you might get stuck at some point without enough fuel. If this happens, just load a regular flight and increase the fuel, and it should help (make sure state saving is turned on). I haven't run into this issue yet so idk how exactly that would work.

  • @Cristi-Neagu I also don't understand why so many bush trips give you a plane with a G1000. When doing them in the arrow, I just turn the GPSs off and go purely off visuals, it is the most fun that way. If I'm a NM or 2 off course, who cares, but if I have the HSI showing course deviation (like in the default bush trip planes) i'm gonna instinctively want to keep it as centered as possible, and thus not be looking around as much.

  • Many thanks vcapra1! I'm off to try it out now!

  • @vcapra1 said in Bush Flying in the Arrow:

    I also don't understand why so many bush trips give you a plane with a G1000.

    Times are changing, i guess, both in the aviation world and in the sim world. If you're buying a brand new plane today, chances are that it comes with a glass cockpit. I'm not sure, but i think the 172 comes with a G1000 as standard. And it seems like quite a lot of people in the FS2020 community want glass cockpits. I'm subscribed to the discord servers for both the GTN530 and the GTN750. And even though the Arrow is the only plane i know of with an actual model for the 750 and all other planes people use with it is just a hack with two thirds of a G1000 screen showing the 750, people are completely obsessed with it over the 530. I tried it for 2 minutes, saw how incredibly unrealistic it is in, say, the DA40, and decided not to use it. Good thing the Arrow now properly supports it, but i still prefer the 530.

    So yeah, it's a response to the times and to the community. Steam gauges are on the way out. Even the idea that having a constant speed prop makes a plane complex is on the way out, with FADEC driven engines like those fitted to the DA62. And it looks like Asobo is catering more for that market. Is that a wrong thing to do? Who knows?