GTN 750 touch screen and mouse accessibility in VR

  • Hi,
    Thanks a lot for this nice update, lots of fun with the GTN 750 and new sounds.

    However in VR there is again some gap between the mouse cursor eye distance and the actual touch screen surface. Mouse cursor changes also along the area I'm moving over.

    I hope you'll be able to provide some enhancements in the next update.

  • As a workaround, try closing you're right eye. It's projected correctly using the left eye only.

  • I know thanks, but I believe that JF can fix this as they have done with the first patch on the classic panel (v0.2) 🙂

  • Hi.

    I like to emphasize this topic. I really love the PA28 and its such a beauty in VR. But its a pitty that its buttons and switches are wastly not usable in VR.

    Would lover to see a fix here!


  • I only fly VR an must say that some are a bit hard to use like the little switches (in that cause I use my left eye) but most switches are usable for me with an oculus Rift. CV1

  • JF Staff

    We're using the logic/model behaviour supplied to us by the GTN 750 developer. Can you confirm if you see different behaviour in other aircraft using the GTN 750?