No more GNS430 GPS option on 0.4 ?

  • Hello,

    Just downloaded the 0.4 version of the PA-28.
    The new GTN750 and GNS530+GNS430 are working properly, but the GNS430 option is missing.
    Since there is no mention about that on the changelog, I was wondering if this missing option is a bug or intended.

  • Hi
    I also noted this.
    I also only wish to have the GNS 430 as the only GPS.
    I have raised a ticket asking the question so hopefully I will get an answer shortly.
    Best wishes

  • I prefer the GNS430 only configuration as well, in case it is possible to add it back in in the future. What I'd really like to see is an option that includes the KAP 140 for more realistic altitude hold.

    Make no mistake, however, I am extremely happy with what Just Flight has done with the Arrow... Amazing work!

  • JF Staff

    Unfortunately we could find no way to include the options for having the GNS 430 as both COM1/NAV1 (as the primary GPS) and COM2/NAV2 (when selected alongside the GNS 530), as you have to define in the panel.xml file which COM/NAV radio each GPS controls and that is only checked when the aircraft is first loaded. We'll continue to investigate and restore the GNS 430 option if we find a solution.