A round of applause for the JF Team

  • I just want to express my appreciation of the JF Team building the Piper!

    It's already a great aircraft, by far the best GA aircraft for MSFS. On top of that comes a string of updates from the team, with many many small but important fixes. Outstanding work, very well done!

    👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • The just updated change list looks great too! Even so, considering Asobo just released a new update for the sim, maybe they should give it a bit of time to see what Asobo broke with their update, if anything.

  • JF Staff

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We are currently testing v0.4.0 of the Arrow III with the latest MSFS World Update to see how that'll impact our release.

  • Yes, the support being provided by the JF team and their commitment to addressing outstanding issues as quickly as possible is very much appreciated.

    Whilst the JF response to posts here is often to refer an issue to Product Support, the way the JF team have also engaged with the users on this forum with helpful answers, feedback and progress on fixes, etc. is also much appreciated.

  • @Sender46 , I agree completely... JF has done an outstanding job on both the aircraft, and their response to the user Community feedback! Keep up the great work.

  • Can't agree more! The Just Flight Piper Arrow III is a major leap forward in flight sim realism.

  • I join to the applause. All staff is extremely helpful and committed.

  • @Martyn that's exactly what you're supposed to do, sir.
    I'm just wondering what impact will be brought by the MSFS update if JF release rolls out earlier, then I read this and I know it will be ok.

    I don't mind the release arrives 1 or 2 days later since there is an ETA date on the list anyway, the end-user experience of the new JF release is well ensured even if the MSFS update might break something prior to the JF release.

    Great you guys, on the right way ahead.

  • I agree. This is by far the most amazing third party plane. The bar is set so high by you guys! I can't think of any other plane out there that comes to this level. The details, the immersion, interaction, feel of flight. FPS isn't a huge hit. Updates and fixes and great communication. You can tell they are proud of their product and workmanship. They should be!! Such a fun plane. So glad I purchased. Can't wait for the Turbo and other upcoming planes!! Thank you from a very happy customer!!

  • There is a reason that this is the best MFS add-on to-date, and the reason is the JF team, their hard work and their dedication to the community, which is repaid with long-standing loyalty.