Dirty windshield

  • Hello,

    After getting completely crosseyed trying to see a grass runway through a backlit dirty windshield filled with hand prints and scratches, i started looking on the forum here for a solution. Imagine my surprise when i found out that the clean cockpit supposedly has a clean windshield. I am using the clean cockpit files (i have also checked that they are indeed the correct files) but the windshield is still full of prints. I checked the file ARROWVC_11_ALBEDO.PNG.DDS and it looks like a blank texture, so i would expect the windshield to be clean. Anyone have any ideas what's going on? Is the windshield never truly clean? How can i clean it?

  • It looks completely clean to me, maybe try re-copying the clean files into the textures folder? Just to add, the windshield does look dirty from the outside, but from the inside it looks almost as if its not there

  • @vcapra1 It's the first thing i tried. Tried it again for good measure, you never know. I still have smudges all over the windscreen. I shall wait for the next update. I need to reinstall it then anyways.

  • Ok apparently i hadn't tried every sunlight angle. I now see what you're talking about. I will poke around in the textures and see if I can get rid of it

  • @vcapra1 The only texture that looks similar seems to be GLASS_DETAILMAP02_MASK.PNG.DDS, but that's in the TEXTURE folder and i imagine it's used for the external model only. And it doesn't look like the external textures are used internally, because the smudges visible from the outside are of much lower resolution than the ones visible from the inside.

  • Ok I got it 100% clear I think, it's GLASS_DETAILMAP01. Try replacing that with this one
    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zr4BJS31pXEjBjlBX7DK3EeCLKdbJaQ1/view?usp=sharing. Note this kinda makes it look like there's no window there at all, so perhaps somewhere in the middle is ideal

  • Actually, there are 3 channels to the texture. Red is the circular scratches you see on the windshield, green is a general haze, and blue is handprints. I think erasing the handprints and scratches but keeping the haze might be better, here is that

  • Personally I think the scratches help the feeling of there actually being a windshield there, but they can be annoying. I think something like 100% of the haze (which itself isn't very visible) and 50% scratches looks pretty good, but it's a matter of preference really.

    Also, I'm not really sure what GLASS_DETAILMAP03 is for, it looks identical, but more toned down. Perhaps simply replacing 01 with 03 would be enough. The main difference I see is almost invisible scratches, and much less obnoxious handprints (just like finger prints rather than an entire handprint)

    EDIT: It appears 03 is the external texture and 01 is internal.

  • @vcapra1 The second file you shared is pretty good. There still are some stains on the windshield, but it's much, much better. It's a good balance between having a clean windscreen and seeing that there is a windscreen there at all. For me, that's perfect. Thanks!

    Maybe JustFlight can add this as an option in the clean folder? Would be nice.