More modding madness...POH specs! (almost)

  • Definitely not perfect, but headed the right way. More tweaking to be done, probably by someone smarter than me though lol *cough retiredman *cough

    These are on top of other tweaks that have been posted on other threads, but I'm trying to list all differences from stock

    From flight_model.cfg , these are from another post

    parasite_drag_scalar = 0.8 ; 0.81
    induced_drag_scalar = 1.6 ; 1.7


    For reference I was displaying values on the panel. Pic is of 75% power cruise. CW from top left; MP, fuel flow, TAS, RPM Testing down to Econ 55% values, speed still a bit high but better. FFlow was high, but that one is only adjusted with one number?

    BestPowerSpecificFuelConsumption = 0.41 ; SFC at Best Power mixture ratio will also adjust FFlow, but I have no idea how they interact with each other

    engines.cfg , where all the fun happens
    fuel_flow_scalar = 0.545 ; 0.51 ; 0.65 raised just a nudge

    max_design_mp = 29.6 ; Max design manifold pressure, (inHg)
    min_design_mp = 15 ; Min design manifold pressure, (inHg) copied from somewhere, don't remember where or why? edit: these aren't in the stock file

    This ones interesting, added in a point and tweaked values to control speed at different rpms better. Could probably use more work

    ;engine_mechanical_efficiency_table=0.000000:0.770000, 700.000000:0.770000, 2000.000000:0.670000, 2200.000000:0.540000, 2700.000000:0.540000
    engine_mechanical_efficiency_table=0.000000:0.770000, 1200:0.5, 2000.000000:0.670000, 2200.000000:0.550000, 2500.000000:0.530000, 2700.000000:0.540000

    Point added here to help adjust the curve, or lack of? Assuming that 2 points would just be a straight line. this helped the MP match better

    ;manifold_efficiency_table=0.000000:0.200000, 1.000000:0.970000 ;orig
    manifold_efficiency_table=0.000000:0.200000, 0.60000:0.400000, 1.00000:0.970000000

    beta_max= 29.2 ; 27
    beta_min=13.3 ; 17.7 This let be bring the rpm below 2300 without also a low MP. I have no idea if stock is accurate but I compare to g36, at there you can lower the rpm a lot with keeping the MP high. Don't know if thats right either

    prop_tc=0.05 ; 0.005 Other planes I've noticed this is .01. Maybe .005 was a typo? Really only noticed a different on my panel, rpm settled quicker when I had it at .1 This ones really unnecessary to change.

    egt_peak_temperature= 1660 If you change this, it will affect the peak egt. Lowering will make it peak sooner. Stock planes show ; typical peak EGT: 1200 degF + 460 after it. Don't know what to make of this one though.

  • @weptburrito said in More modding madness...POH specs! (almost):

    Stock planes show

    It's probably best not to use stock planes as a guide... some of them are deeply broken.

  • Have you made your other parts of the envelope aren't being negatively impacted? Take-off roll, climb rates, hot and high? I've seen lots of tweaking to the TBM and usually making 1 spot perfect breaks others.