GNS 430 works fine, 530 doesn't

  • I just get a black screen with the 530 while the GPS 100 and GNS 430 work perfectly.
    This happens with or without the PMS mod, and whether I start cold & dark or ready for takeoff.

    I have tried multiple restarts, the on/off switch on the unit itself, and a keybinding for avionics master all to no avail.
    The battery is fully charged.
    Strangely the unit springs to life for a second or two during gear transit.
    Both units work just fine with Asobo default aircraft.

    Any suggestions gratefully received.
    It would be a relief to know that at least someone else has a similar issue!

  • Well, at least you're not alone
    EDIT: sorry just realized you made that post too

  • Misery loves company...yes, I've experienced this on a number of flights. Sometimes it's blank at the start of the flight so I just abandon it and go rake the lawn. Other times I get into a flight and it blacks out, so I carry on and turn it into a VFR flight. Interestingly, if I was in GPS mode with a flightplan loaded and on autopilot flying the plan it still "works" behind the scene. I with you hoping this gets sorted out in the next update.

  • I do not suffer from this, but apparently hitting Esc and clicking on Restart the Flight should sort it out. It seems to be an MFS-wide issue for some users. I recommend giving the GNS530 mod a shot, perhaps that helps as well.

  • @Leonard-McCoy I am using the mod, with the same results. I must admit I haven't flown in any other airplane with the 530, so I can't say if it's a Piper problem or an MSFS problem, but it is an annoying problem.

  • Not sure if it's related but the only time I've experienced the 530 turning itself off was when I'd forgotten to turn the alternator on so maybe there's a bug in the power consumption somewhere cause it to not come on at all or randomly fail. Just an idea!

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