Cannot pick up VOR

  • Hi,

    I just bought the plane and trying to do the tutorial flight. But the plane does not seem to pick up the first Southhampton VOR. I have attached a screenshot from Navigraph, where I am already halfway to Southhampton and also a screenshot of my cockpit configuration. Am I doing something wrong not bein able to pick up the VOR?

    navigraph southhampton vor.png
    piper cockpit vor tuning.jpg

  • @Blindside Additon: Yes, I have made sure to be in VLOC mode, see attached screenshot with the Garmin 530.

    Piper vloc mode.jpg

  • Select the GS530 GPS unit, then press the CDI button to change from GPS tracking to VLOC mode... The VOR should work then. Sorry, I didn't see your additional comments...

  • It looks like you might be too low, or too far away... The Altimeter shows you at only 400ft. altitude?

  • I think it's a database issue. Looks like your GPS is not identifying the VOR, which i think it does even if you're not receiving it, based on the frequency. Are you using Navigraph's database for FS2020? Or are you using the default database that came with the sim?

    You can also check on the in-sim map, before starting the flight. Look for that VOR and see what the sim says its frequency should be.

  • @RetiredMan93231 The altimeter shows 4000 ft, and the distance according to the GPS is 5.5 nm on the screenshot. Or am I reading something wrong?

  • @Blindside My mistake.. you are correct. I just did a test flight from EGHH to EGHI and I picked up the VOR as soon as I took off...?

  • Check all of the circuit breakers... Also, try another VOR like Compton (114.35). I am able to pick it up also, even at 500ft. altitude. I noticed that your DME is not picking up the VOR either...?

  • @Cristi-Neagu It appears you were right. I am using the Navigraph database and reinstalled it, but that was not even the issue. I had VORs turned off in the filter of the world map. As soon as I turned on the visibility of the VORs in the world map, the plane picked it up, independet whether I used the Navigraph or the default databse.

    In short: It appears that the visibility in the world map filter also decides whether the VOR is visible for the plane's system. So currently it appears to me, that the filter in the world map is not purely visual but also functional. Who knew...

  • @Blindside Well... that's an interesting find... i can't say i can replicate it as i never turn on VORs in the map filter, but i seem to receive them ok... I still think this is some databse issue. Either way, glad you got it sorted.