Nav Radios

  • Hi. I like to use the old radios for VOR navigation. However both Nav1 and Nav 2 rarely work. Always inconsistent. I know how to operate them in real life. If I tune in a VOR frequency at altitude and well within range 90% of the time they remain dormant. Is there a know issue with this?

  • @Mule First, make sure the radios are turned on. Second, it does seem to me like VORs in MSFS have much less range than they're supposed to. I'm comparing with LNM and it seems like they never work up to their max range. I know Asobo might be trying to simulate obstacles blocking the signal and things like that, but i'm talking about Florida and the Bahamas. Hardly any mountains in the way out there.

  • Thanks Cristi. I found the problem. I didn't know about the hidden click point near the magnetos to switch from GPS mode to Nav mode.

    Thanks for trying to help me out much appreciated.