IAS/TAS seems off

  • What does the IAS from the instrument never match with the external tool? (Also at 2000 ft and at ~90 kt the values are off)

    Edit: Image upload does not seem to work. "Error: Error". Wow I am impressed. Okay I am flying at FL060 3 ° C OAT and my external tool shows 133 kt IAS while the instrument reads ~123 kt IAS and about 125 kt TAS.

  • @r2p2 Your external tool probably reads TAS, not IAS. And the TAS scale on your speed indicator is currently broken. Given your conditions, there's no way TAS is 125kt. It should be around 135. This is a known bug and has been reported as fixed for the next update. Until then, read TAS off of the EFB, and/or have a look here: https://community.justflight.com/topic/1902/fixed-tas-scale