May we have a native BAE 146 FMS option in the incoming Fokker F28 for P3D V4/V5?

  • Hi,
    as we will soon recieve the Fokker F28 by JustFlight in Prepar3D V4/V5 and it is such a nice plane, would it be possible for people who dislike the old navigation systems to have a BAE 146 FMS, as your A300 which is also in development? If there is no way to add the BAE 146, you could add it at least as a pop up window, if this is not possible, may we get a Garmin integration for the Flight1 Garmins? And could you add a feature that the autopilot is able to follow programmed routes? I know this is not realistic, as there was only VOR/ADF/HSI navigation possible during its days. We don't have any Fokker 70/100, and the Fokker F28 is at least coming very close to it, so if we want to use it on online networks as Vatsim, or if you are not that familar with old navigation systems as VOR/ADF/HSI it would be nice to have an FMS or a Garmin. You have done a great job JustFlight! Let's hope for it to come out soon. 🙂