If an FMC were to eventually be added, I would love to see the LTN-92. This was used by a number of 747-200 operators right up to retirement. Yes, it is technically an INS system - But... It is the pre-cursor to the FMSs we all know and love today. With the LTN-92, the operator can type in airports, navaids, and waypoints using their names (not coordinates as in the old CIV-A INSs). This makes it considerably easier to use than the CIV-A, while still maintaining realism to the original aircraft. These units were not aftermarket additions such as some of the modern-era FMSs you see in some cargo 747-200s, they were factory standard options in the late model 747-200s! Considering the autothrottle modeled in the JF 747 Classic is the original Approach Autothrottle and not the FFRATS authrottle, we wouldn’t be able to take full advantage of all the features of a newer 747-400 style FMS anyways. And for those wondering about the old LTN-92 capability in MNPS airspace, the LTN-92 can be supplemented with 2 GPS signals to make it up to RNP-5 capable. This is why I believe the LTN-92 would be the perfect choice for a future “FMS” if JF decides to add one later on. Cheers, Rob