Arrow ap hdg hold

  • Anyone having this issue when heading is selected the plane enters a steep left turn even if the heading bug is set to a rift turn intercept? V3 installed any ideas?

  • @Bills2013gt What heading mode are you in?

  • Regular heading hold off of the DG heading bug

  • It may not apply to you but I've achieved this exact thing several times whilst trying to guess the correct events and variables to use with Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck.

    I suspect its less to do with Flight-Tracker-StreamDeck and more to do with external interactions with MSFS leaving the PA-28R ARROW III in an unexpected / untested state.

  • In general, heading hold works well for me, but I did have this issue once recently, and I'm pretty sure what went wrong, but not how to solve it properly:

    I had to stop a flight while in the air, so I returned to the menu of the sim by pressing Esc.

    The next time I started a flight (on the ground), the plane got back to it's "current" configuration because I have State Saving turned on, which meant that the autopilot was on. I noticed this because my ailerons were fully deflected to the right. Once I turned off the autopilot, the ailerons returned to neutral, and I though all was good...

    Once in the air, I wanted to turn on the AP with heading hold. But no matter what I did, it immediately deflected hard right. I tried a few things, but no matter what I did, I couldn't get the AP to act properly. I ended up a bit frustrated, left the AP on, which sent the plane into a spin and crash....

    Next time I started the plane on the ground, all was good.

    Short story: In my case, I'm pretty sure it was related to the aborted flight, where the AP was on, and then State Saving not quite properly working in that case.

  • Should be added that I have the Saitek multipanel. When flying the Piper, I only use the AP on/off switch, nothing else. Normally, this works just fine. When I had the issue, I tried using the cockpit switches only, but this didn't change anything