Rad/NAV Interior lights flickering when trying to turn them on

  • Hi everyone,

    Loving the plane so far. I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn on the rad/nav interior lights. I know its the little knob behind the throttle, but when I click it, it just flickers and wont turn on. Im wondering if there is a conflict somewhere? I am using the Alpha/Bravo and not sure how to map it for them to turn on and stay on. Any help would be appreciated! Cheers

  • on the alpha, if you have Nav lights on, you won't be able to turn on the radio lights because the dial will be locked to the "nav on" position which is one click away from completely off.

    What I do is just leave the Alpha Nav switch off, and control it in the virtual cockpit

  • I have found that the best way to avoid conflicts with the ALPHA/BRAVO switches and the ability to use the mouse for clicking on cockpit switches is to remap all of the ALPHA/BRAVO switches from the default ON/OFF commands to SET commands, where those are available. Using the SET command allows the switch to also be controlled with a mouse click in the cockpit when the ALPHA/BRAVO switch is in the OFF position.

  • @RetiredMan93231 What exactly is the difference there? I believe the default for the Honeycomb products is to "hold down" the on button when the switch is up, and release when its down. Do the SET commands just send a single command when the switch is flipped instead?

  • @vcapra1, The MSFS ON/OFF commands, like the ones for the lights, use two separate commands, one for the ON switch position and one for the OFF position of a toggle switch. If you use these commands the switch cannot be changed in the cockpit with the mouse because it will held in the ON or OFF position by the commands being continuously sent from the Honeycomb switch... But, the SET command uses only one command which is bound to the ON position of the toggle switch, or to a button. When the toggle switch is flipped ON, or button is held down, the ON command is sent to the sim, and when it is released the function is then toggled back OFF, and it is then free to be controlled by the mouse. It sounds like that might be how yours is already set up, since you can control it with the mouse when the ALPHA switch is OFF.

    The autopilot buttons on the BRAVO are not toggle switches, they are buttons, and are programed by the BRAVO software driver to send the required commands to turn the function ON or OFF. And, since they are not held down and the command is only sent once it doesn't interfere with the mouse control.