Prop behaviour

  • Hi folks. I fly an Arrow III recreationally (non turbo, based in the midlands UK) so was massively excited to see this JF rendition. One interesting thing I noticed is that the prop behaviour is a little odd in the sim. The prop, in real life, doesn't change plane in a linear fashion with the movement of the prop lever - it's much more back-ended. Also, the pitch shift is far quicker when it does kick in. Finally, advancing to full throttle on take off should bring about a minor pitch shift which you can hear quite clearly in the cockpit. Would be great to fine tune some of these aspects in time!

    P.s. if the dev team wants to spend time flying an Arrow III to help fine tune things drop me a line!

  • @the_flying_dsh the pitch change when going to full throttle is likely due to the governor "hunting" a bit. Mine has a 3 blade Hartzell on it and it doesn't hurt very much unless it's very cold. I tend to advance throttle to 60% and give it a chance to stabilize before going full-throttle which may have something to do with it.

    Very generous of you to offer some flying time to the Developers. There's still a lot of work to do on the way power, fuel flow, and EGT are modeled. I hope the developers take you up on your offer. I would offer the same, to anyone near New Hampshire 🙂

  • If the developers don't take you up on the offer, I'll go! For science!